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Cocktail and Mocktail Recipes/Directions

Dry Bar Cocktails

Strawberry Lemonade Instructions:

1. Immerse the dried lemons and strawberries in vodka or rum for a few days.

2. Strain liquid into pitcher or glass.

3. Add strained liquid to lemonade or any other drink of choice!

This can easily be modified to be a mocktail:  instead of infusing the dry ingredients with vodka or rum, you can use soda, lemonade, even water!  

Color Changing Butterfly Flower Mojitos

Ingredients:  Dried butterfly pea flowers, mint, sugar, lime juice, rum (optional)

Directions:  Take the bottle of Mojito mix you purchased from The Beverage Box and add that to a pitcher or glass with ice.  Then add limeade (1 lime juice and 5 cups water) over the mojito mix.  You may have limeade leftover.  Add rum if desired and garnish with mint leaf!  Enjoy!!!   

Blueberry Lemonade Margarita

Ingredients:  Water, Sugar, Blueberries, Lemonade, Tequila (optional), Triple Sec (optional)

Directions:  Take the bottle of Margarita Mix (lemonade and blueberry simple syrup) you purchased from The Beverage Box and add that to some ice.  For some extra oompf add some tequila and/or triple sec.  

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